Justin Francia

A writer, photojournalist, and content strategist.

Former intern for Rappler and When In Manila. Spent her practicum at Mission For Migrant Workers - Hong Kong. Has published articles for Manila Today and The Manila Collegian.

In this online portfolio are some of her works.

To Disserve and Neglect

In the face of a pandemic, extreme virus containment measures, and an enhanced community quarantine, looming in the streets are police officials. As if sent to a warzone, it is evident that these cops are not dressed in medical protective equipment yet fully armed with firearms. With the president’s order to “shoot dead” those who will not abide by the rules of the lockdown, people are forced to be blindly subservient to the authority. These police officials, nonetheless, often forget that the

Healthy, Ready-to-Cook Duck Meat Dalee is Now in the Philippines—and Pinoys are Loving it

Filipinos used to perceive duck as an intimidating, luxurious dish you can only get in restaurants, but what if we told you that duck has now been made accessible and easy-to-cook for all Pinoys? Would you try it then? We did and we loved it. This new era of duck in the Philippines is brought to us by international duck meat brand that has finally arrived in the Philippines—Dalee. Originating from Thailand, Dalee is known in other countries for their ready-to-cook, tender, and delicious duck m

“Angel Has Fallen” highlights loyalty and betrayal, friendship and family

Olympus was saved and so was London but what if the savior is now the downfall’s target? Angel Has Fallen is the third movie in the Fallen series, following the action films Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen. Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler, is pinned down and accused of an attempted assassination of the president, played by actor Morgan Freeman. Wanting to find the real culprit, he struggles to free his name from the accusation as he tries to solve the mystery behind the ambush. M

Music Can Be Stress-Relieving: We Tried Sound Bath Healing and Here’s How It Went

Most of the time, people find it hard to make time to relax and break free from the daily hustle and bustle they go through. It’s really ironic how the act of finding means to destress can be stressful in itself. But while some might find it stress-relieving to engage in physical and social activities, we found another way to calm down and relax without even having to do anything. All we had to do was lie down and listen to singing bowls. (And fall

LOOK: TOMS’ latest shoe collection takes a step for women who have been sexually abused

Through its new collection, TOMS takes a stand on issues that truly matter. Distinguished as the charity-oriented brand behind the One for One model, TOMS is now collaborating with CRIBS Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides a loving and safe environment for young women who are working to overcome sexual abuses. ALSO READ: TOMS Shoes Philippines: More Than Just A Pair Of Footwear Together with Arianna Cowper, a young Filipina model and a dedicated volunteer of CRIBS Foundation,

IN PHOTOS: Artworks by political prisoners show their plight

MANILA, Philippines – Artworks and products made by political prisoners were exhibited on Saturday, June 15, during the relaunching of rights group Kapatid. The event, held at the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), showcased works including sculptures and cross-stitches, among others. The works are also a means to gain financial aid for their legal fight. The artworks, according to Kapatid, reflect the vigor and struggles of the detained activists and human rights defenders. (READ: Powering thr